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supernatural + egyptian gods, inspired by (x)

Daddy’s little girl (closed)



"Bunny..," he smiled and mentally ordered to his guards to bring daughter’s school bag to her room. Ishtar could always bring a tender and kind smile to his face, there was only one another person he smiled this way to, her mother Nicole, but she was dead, Crowley was sure of this. The time, when he and his stepdaughter will yell at each other and their meetings will happen once in a week or even rarely, was still far from this happy days, and he enjoyed being a beloved father of pretty little girl.

"I was working, hon," he answered her question, while she was already chirping about her own adventures, "Daddy was making business, as always…" Crowley lifted her up and settled on his lap, "It’s very interesting," he said genuinely and kissed her cheek, "Tell me more, I know nothing about plays and swingsets." It was true, the demon barely remembered the childhood of Fergus McLeod and all he remembered was dark and unpleasant to recall in his memory.

Happily, Ishtar got comfortable on her father’s lap. He could be very kind if he wanted to be. Even if there were occasions she was confused about his work. “That’s not an answer,” she pointed out as she looked up to him with innocent eyes. “You do sooooo much! Business can be anything, at least it seems that way.” Although she never would have said it, she hated when he was gone at night. It was nice to know that he would be there if she had a bad nightmare, or if she couldn’t sleep and needed to stay up a little after her bedtime. After all, those guards weren’t her father. He was.

A little giggle came from the tiny girl at the kiss to her cheek. “Daddy!” She cried before leaning up to put her own kiss on his cheek in return. “You don’t?” The little girl gasped in surprises. Maybe they needed to go to a park more often, at least there she could show him what she meant. “Well on the swingsets you just swing back and forth to try and go as high as you can. Sometimes it feels like your feet can touch the sky! I don’t know how but you can always kick yourself off the ground to get started. Oh! And we played tag. It was me and three other kids but I don’t think we can play it. You can magically appear in front of me and that would be cheating. You’re supposed to run around and try to get the other person.”

The happy smile never left his features while he listened to her voice, telling him about things he’s never had in his life and never will. Well, unless he could have them with Ishtar. It felt like he never was a demon, but her question about his job still twirled in his mind. How could he tell his daughter, the creature he loved the most in his damned life, that he is the worst, the most filthy monster ever, that he rules the place, people are afraid to go to after their death? “Let’s spend next holydays together,” he suggested, removing her hairbands and ruffling her hair, “I will put off all deals and give all my time to you. Promise.” Crowley leaned to Ishtar and pressed his lips to her forhead. “And tonight, Bunny, I will come to you and read you something, if you want me to.” He was a bad father, and it was a poor attempt to redeem his guilt by Nicole, but she loved him now and he wanted to keep it as long as possible.

"Daughter," he said after a short pause, when he was admiring her gentle, developing beauty and considering his answer at the question, she will ask anyway someday. "You know, I’m not a simple human, I’m not quite a human at all. And I appreciate that you keep my secret. I should tell you another one. People, when they die go to two places. One place is for good people and is called Heaven, another is for people, who have done bad things in their life. Your dad is responsible for the second place, and it’s very hard and complicated kind of work." Crowley wrapped his hands around her tiny frame, praying to all gods, to Lucifer, to anyone who can hear, that Ishtar was not afraid of him and not hated him after his words.

I’m coming home




Crowley shook his head and laughed. It was too straightforward, anyone else, trying to talk to him like this would be already pinned to the wall and crippled, anyone, but Dante. His bluntless was arousing, the deliberate Irish accent caused shivers down the King’s spine. He pulled his demon closer again and purred against his neck, leaving kisses on the skin. “I see, you’ve kept the fundamental thing in mind, puppy. But I said in bed, not in the shower, but if I started to list all places where we can…” Crolwey grinded his hips against other’s, “I’m listening for your orders.”


He knew that he was the only creature that could ever talk to Crowley like that, and nothing was more thrilling a thought, to be honest. It was so terribly hard for Dante to concentrate, the King’s accent a horrible distraction, as was the pleasure accompanying the way he ground against him. He released just the softest moan, and added, “Then right against the wall, kitten,” he commanded. “Go on.” And nothing really aroused him more, having the minuscule, occasional power to issue orders to the King of Hell.

Crowley stepped back and leaned against the wall. Obedience to his lover’s commands didn’t make him less King, but he looked forward for leaving his pride behind and becoming a wax beneath Dante’s hands and body. “Love, when you rule, puppy, you have a talent, I told you.” He couldn’t tell what exactly he was able to do for Dante and for Dante’s pleasure, but suspected himself in capability to do anything. Crowley was absolutely sure, this demon will never use his King’s weakness against him, especially because he was this weakness. He bit his lower lip and his hazel eyes met blue with silent question, what’s next. 

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5 Icons of James Callis for yourlovingkingofhell


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since the other giveaway doesn’t really seem to be working, I’m going to change things up. I want to see more people getting love to combat the hate brought on by the nasty burn book blog, so this is what I’m going to do. Please read the rules.


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§ Steps are as follow:
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tl;dr: send in love to roleplayerpositivitybook about someone you admire, get 5-10 icons.

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